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How to support us

      Financial donations

  a)   Click on the Donate button on the top right                      corner of this web page ( and use           your bank card or bank information to donate. 

  b}   Using  checks : Please, write a check to                               LIVELIHOOD NGO-USA INC  and mail to :
                          LIVELIHOOD NGO-USA INC
                          10223 Windsor Oaks Way
                          Lanham, MD 20706


  c)    Support us using Crypto currency. Send Crypto                currency to the following crypto wallets. 

       USDT (TRC20):   


       BITCOIN (BTC)


You can choose to be a supporting member of this organization by signing up for a monthly donation.



  a)   Vehicles   

  b)  Office equipment

  c)  Laptops and Printers

  d)  Farm equipment

  e)  Food items

  d)  Real estate property. 

volunteer with us.

Your time, energy, intellectual contributions are so vital for the advancement of our charitable work to humanity.

We look forward to hearing and working with you.

All donations to livelihood ngo-usa inc are tax deductible 
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