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Healthcare Support

Support for Refugees and Displaced persons.

A majority of settled working immigrants in the united help fund families and pay school fees for children in their home countries, as such help in reducing the incidence of poverty in their families and in their home countries. It is for this reason that LIVELIHOOD NGO-USA INC has envisage the following activities to assist refugees in the United States:

- Carryout refugee resettlement programs: This involves receiving the refugees, place them in a lodging, assist everyone to file and obtain legal documentation to enable him/her to enter the work force and follow up with capacity building to enable beneficiaries have the skills required for employment. Minors are oriented toward the Government social services for schooling assistance and other social support.

- Support refugees’ family reunification: Refugees often leave their country of origin without their families. Such family separation generally has a psycho-social and an economic impact on both the refugee and the family members back in the home country. Our focus will be on the nucleus family of the refugee who tend to be the immediate dependents. We are working support modalities on family reunification. As of now we will collaborate with other institution to support refugees who may need such assistance.

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