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Housing for the Homeless 


LIVELIHOOD NGO housing program is two parts:

  1. The transitional/temporary.

  2. Permanent low cost/low rental housing.

1.         The transitional/temporary.

The transitional/temporary housing program provide a solution for people who find themselves homeless and need a place to restructure themselves before moving forward. We are currently located at Prince George’s County, Maryland. The program is aimed at making single and shared rooms available for individuals (clients) who are homeless and/or who may have been diagnosed with mild mental health challenges. Individuals are offered the opportunity to voluntarily take up and pay rents for single or share rooms in one of our facilities for a duration of 14 days renewable once. Persons diagnosed with mental health problems must be accompanied to the facility by a sponsor who will sign and take responsibility of his/her client stay at LIVELIHOOD facility. All Individuals (Clients) admitted in our facility must be referred by another institution and shall be able to function independently without assistance. (High performance) Considering that our program does not yet have any financial support, clients must contribute financially to support the rents and utilities during the time they are in the facility. The money paid shall be used to pay for utilities and rents of the premises.


2.         Permanent low cost/low rental housing.

The permanent low cost/low rental housing provides beneficiaries with low income the opportunity to own a home either buy pursing one or renting a home for permanent residence. LIVELIHOOD will work with other institutions to determine the poverty level of needy persons or families. In the case where LIVELIHOOD can secure required funding, such money will assist in settling a needy family in a low-cost rental facility for six months, while the family builds her capacity to enter the workforce that can sustainability continue to pay the rents.

In this program a needy family can purchase a home if the family can proof that they will be able to mortgage regularly but could not purchase the home because of the lark of the down payment. LIVELIHOOD assists with the down payment.

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