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Skill Training and Capacity building

Skill Training and Capacity building

In communities with high illiteracy rates, development concepts are poorly perceived and implemented. In such communities, active participation in meetings, public activities, and elected posts, is very low especially among the illiterate people. In most of our targeted communities, illiteracy rates are as high especially among women.

  • The functional literacy program is therefore aimed at providing a combination basic literacy, basic computing, and the development of life skills to and young girls – with particular interest to the illiterate women and young school dropouts. Skill development and activities are put in place to assist the participants to effectively put the literacy learnt into practice.

  • Training packages include a cross section of development related issues in basic healthcare, natural resource management, income generating activities, agriculture, civic responsibilities, leadership and the application of basic democratic principles and human rights at local levels from homes to social groupings to village administration. All programs are drawn up with respect to the participants’ inputs and schedule.

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